Tools to Export Google's SERPs

Tools to Export Google’s SERPs

Google’s search results are difficult to copy or export. The listings redirect through, requiring a click on each one to reach the destination. Moreover, search result pages now contain sections beyond traditional listings that prevent copying, such as “People also ask,” videos, and images.

Yet exporting ranking URLs is important for analyzing backlink data, titles, on-page optimization, and more.

The following three tools can export organic search results for any query.

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Semrush is a multi-feature search engine optimization platform to monitor competitors, discover keywords, and more.

It also exports organic listings. To access:

  • Go to “Keyword overview,”
  • Type your keyword,
  • Scroll to the “SERP Analysis” section of the report.
Screenshot of a sample Semrush SERP export for "national teacher conference"

Semrush’s SERP export includes ranking position, domain name, URL, page authority score, and more. Click image to enlarge.

The report contains 100 high-ranking URLs. Export the entire report as a CSV file containing proprietary Semrush data for each listing:

  • URL,
  • Page Authority score,
  • Number of referring domains,
  • Organic search traffic,
  • Number of keywords in the top 100 rankings,
  • Inclusion in SERP features.

Semrush offers a free seven-day trial with a credit card. Premium plans start at $129.95 per month.


Thruuu is a SERP analytics and content brief tool. For any query, obtain:

  • Average number of words per ranking page
  • The presence in Google’s local packs, “People also ask,” News, video, and image boxes.
  • Average page rank of top URLs according to Open PageRank, an open-source initiative.
Screenshot of example Thruu SERP export for "ny waterfall" keyword

For each listing, Thruu’s SERP export includes the ranking position, page rank score, word count, image count, and more. Click image to enlarge.

For every ranking URL, access:

  • Number of images on the page compared to other ranking pages,
  • Number of words compared to other ranking pages,
  • Date when the page was created or updated.
  • Outbound links, headings, and structured data markup.

Thruuu’s free trial includes the analysis of 10 SERP pages. Paid plans start at $13 per month.

SERP Sonar

SERP Sonar is a free Google Chrome extension that scans search results in real-time, providing keyword usage in snippet titles, descriptions, and URLs.

The extension’s “Export” feature allows downloading an SERP as a CSV file, which includes for each listing:

  • URL, title, and snippet description,
  • Actual page description (versus Google’s rewrite),
  • Meta description,
  • H1 heading,
  • Number of other HTML headings,
  • On-page types.

It’s a very helpful export, especially for free.

Screenshot of SERP Sonar's export for the query "ny waterfall."

SERP Sonar’s export includes each listing’s URL, title, description, and more. Click image to enlarge.

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