How To Find App-Based Jobs (2024)

How To Find App-Based Jobs (2024)

To say the internet has transformed commerce would be an understatement. Activities once synonymous with leaving the house—shopping, renting movies, networking, and making money—can now all be done from home with a laptop or phone. In fact, the recent surge in money-making apps has made earning online more accessible than ever.

A money-making app can pay you for activities like shopping online, playing games, watching videos, and taking surveys. These apps are worth trying if you want to earn extra money on your own schedule.

Here are some of the best money-making apps on the market, along with their advantages and drawbacks.

Best apps to make money

Whether you’re looking to earn cash rewards or gift cards, many money app options are available for download through digital marketplaces like the Google Play Store or iOS App Store. They’re also accessible via web browsers on desktops, either on a website or through a browser extension.

Here are some of the most popular money-making apps, grouped into five categories:

Micro-task and survey apps

Micro-task and survey apps let you earn rewards for completing simple tasks. Rewards include money deposited to a PayPal account, a prepaid debit card, gift cards, or credit toward merchandise. Popular apps include:

  • Swagbucks. Earn points by taking surveys, watching videos, playing games, searching the web, and making online purchases. Swagbucks lets you redeem these points for gift cards or cash via PayPal.
  • Branded Surveys. Complete paid surveys on various topics to earn points, which you can convert into cash rewards via PayPal.
  • Survey Junkie. Share your opinions through surveys to earn points that are redeemable for cash or gift cards.
  • InboxDollars. Earn cash by completing surveys, watching videos, playing games, reading emails, and shopping online.
  • Google Opinion Rewards. Google developed this market research app that has you answer quick surveys for $1 each, paid via PayPal. Google Opinion Rewards is available on both Android and iOS.
  • HeyPiggy. Automatically earn cash back on everyday purchases by linking your credit or debit card.

Freelancing apps

Freelancing apps let you earn money by doing contract work for clients worldwide. You have to bid against other freelancers, but you get to set your own hours and work from home. Consider apps like:

  • Fiverr. One of the most popular gig economy apps, Fiverr lets you offer services in various fields, including copywriting, design, marketing, and programming. Set your rates, connect with clients worldwide, and receive payments through the platform.
  • Upwork. Use Upwork to search for freelance projects in different fields, submit proposals, and get hired. Upwork offers a secure platform for communicating with employers, sharing personal details, and receiving payments.

Cashback apps

Cashback apps help you save money when you shop online for anything from everyday purchases to niche items. You won’t generate a profit from a cashback app, but you can get rewards and discounts, effectively boosting your spending power. Popular apps include:

  • Rakuten. Use Rakuten to earn cash back on online purchases at partner stores. Simply click through the app or browser extension before shopping.
  • Ibotta. Use this rewards app to earn cashback on groceries and other in-store purchases by scanning receipts or linking store loyalty cards. You can redeem rewards for cash or gift cards.

Delivery apps

Some of the top money-making apps reward you for shopping and delivering goods to customers’ doorsteps. Install an iOS or Android app that tracks your location and connects you to nearby customers, and log in to pick up paid work on your own schedule. Try these apps:

  • DoorDash. DoorDash sets you up to deliver food from restaurants to customers’ doorsteps using your vehicle. Choose your own hours and earn money based on deliveries and tips. Living in an urban area often means more work opportunities on DoorDash, making it one of the best money-making apps to offer a steady income.
  • Instacart. With Instacart, you shop for and deliver merchandise—particularly groceries—to customers’ homes. Unlike most money-making apps, Instacart offers a unique earning potential through a mix of base pay, tips, and incentives, making it potentially lucrative—especially in high-demand areas.

Selling apps

Use apps to earn extra cash by selling your unwanted possessions. Here are some of the best apps if you aren’t looking for a new job but simply want to monetize some of the clutter in your home:

  • OfferUp. OfferUp lets you list and sell various items, from electronics to furniture to vehicles. Negotiate prices and meet buyers who can pay you directly via your payment method of choice.
  • Poshmark. Sell new or used clothing, shoes, and accessories from your closet. Create listings, interact with buyers, and ship items using a prepaid shipping label that Poshmark supplies. Think of Poshmark as eBay for clothing.

Advantages of money-making apps

Money-making apps offer numerous advantages, including convenience and entertainment. Here are four compelling reasons to consider using these apps to make money:

Flexibility and convenience

Money-making apps often provide opportunities for flexible income, allowing you to work at your own pace and convenience. You can choose when and where to engage in surveys, tasks, or freelance gigs. This flexibility is especially advantageous for individuals with fluctuating schedules or those looking to supplement their income while managing other commitments.

Diverse income streams

Money-making apps pay you for a wide range of tasks; you don’t need to do traditional office work to make money on apps like Survey Junkie and Swagbucks. Plus, you’re not exclusive to any one app, so you can remain active on several simultaneously and sign up for other apps as you wish.

Access to global revenue sources

Many money-making apps operate internationally, offering you chances to explore opportunities beyond your local confines—especially if you’re looking for remote freelance work. This can be especially beneficial if you live in a region with limited local job opportunities.

Innovative reward systems

Money-making apps often employ innovative reward systems to incentivize your participation, including cash rewards, prepaid credit or debit cards, PayPal deposits, and gift cards.

Some apps also incorporate gamification elements, making the earning process more engaging and enjoyable. You might prefer to play games and redeem points for PayPal or gift cards, or you might prefer more traditional work that pays via direct deposit. Either way, you will likely find a payment model that suits your taste.

Disadvantages of money-making apps

Although money-making apps may appeal to new users, some might eventually grow disillusioned with them. Here’s why money-making apps are not for everyone:

Unreliable income

Many money-making apps don’t offer enough steady income to offset traditional employment. Some payments are gimmicky, focusing on “points” rather than cash; others frontload rewards via a sign-up bonus and offer little income beyond that. These apps may offer little value if you need real money—not points—to manage your personal finance situation.

Invasive data mining and privacy concerns

Many money-making apps collect user data as part of their business model. This data may include personal information, browsing habits, or even location data, which raises privacy concerns. Study each app’s privacy policy to understand how it uses your data.

Potential for scams

The proliferation of apps that promise quick and easy money has also led to increased scams. Be wary of apps that pay users in odd ways, like free stock in a company you haven’t heard of or points that may be impossible to redeem. Always research and verify an app’s credibility through user reviews and reputable sources before using it.

Lack of FDIC protection

Unlike traditional banking services, money-making apps are not typically covered by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), meaning funds stored within these apps may not be protected in the event of the app’s financial instability or bankruptcy. Be cautious about storing significant amounts of money in such apps, and consider using traditional banking services for greater security.

Best app to make money FAQ

How can I make money from my phone?

You can make money from your phone by engaging with apps like Google Opinion Rewards, Fiverr, and other money-making apps.

What apps make you the most money?

The apps that can make you the most money vary widely depending on your individual skills, preferences, time commitment, and location. You may find that you make more money on freelance platforms, investment apps, and gig economy platforms than micro-task and survey apps.

Are money-making apps safe and legitimate?

Many are, including apps like Fiverr and DoorDash. Look for apps that let you set up a free account—you shouldn’t have to spend money to engage. Do your research for any app that asks for bank account details. (The app shouldn’t require that information unless you’re setting up direct deposit.)

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