AI-powered Transcription Tools, Tested - Practical Ecommerce

AI-powered Transcription Tools, Tested – Practical Ecommerce

Transcribing audio and video files was once tedious and time-consuming. No more. With AI, the process is near-instant.

Many transcription services offer automated versions. Here are three AI-powered tools — with my impressions of each.

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Audio Writer

Home page of Audio Writer

Audio Writer

Audio Writer is an OpenAI-powered app for iOS and macOS. I tested it on my iPhone. Users speak into the app or enable access to audio files.

To start, install the app and provide your own OpenAI API key. The app takes just seconds to process and refine a file. From there, users can:

  • Rewrite a transcription using an available style: “Simple and Clear,” “Kid-friendly,” “Descriptive,” and “Conversational.”
  • Convert the text into a tweet, direct message, formal or casual email, or bulleted list.
  • Connect with custom ChatGPT prompts to create specialized transcripts.

Allowing users to speak the audio rather than first recording it saves a lot of time.

Audio Writer’s iOS app costs $15 one time for unlimited access. A free test is available. A paid subscription to OpenAI’s API is required for ongoing use.


Home page of Notta


Notta is a transcription service to create notes from live or archived video and audio meetings. Notta’s transcriptions include auto-correction, timestamps, summaries, and action items. The language translation feature is handy for international teams.

Users and team members can edit and add notes to any transcript.

Notta supports Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and more. It also integrates with Outlook and Google Calendar.

Notta’s free monthly tier provides 120 minutes of transcriptions. Paid plans start at $13.99 per month.


Home page of Trint


Trint transcribes and translates audio and video in multiple languages with captions and timestamps (chapters). Users can combine transcripts into a single article or tutorial, add comments, highlight important moments, and more.

Trent allows file editing and collaboration and can repurpose a transcript into social media posts.

Pricing for Trint starts at $80 per month with a free 7-day full-feature trial.

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